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J&K Concrete Contractors in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene offer a variety of concrete services including concrete driveways, concrete sidewalks as well as decorative concrete and stamped concrete. If you have a unique concrete project, J&K Concrete is happy to discuss it with you. No project is too big or small for the most experienced concrete contractors in Spokane and Coeur d’Alene.


Concrete Applications:


- Concrete Driveways

- Concrete Foundations

- Concrete Hot Tub Pads

- Concrete Walkways

- Concrete Garage Floors

- Concrete Hearths

- Concrete Patios

- Concrete House Slabs


- Concrete City Approaches

- Concrete Sidewalks

- Concrete Sports Courts

- Concrete Porches

- Concrete Stairs

- Concrete Pool Decks  


Decorative and stamped concrete is J&K Concrete’s specialty and a beautiful way to get
the look of natural stone.


- Stamped Concrete

- Stained Concrete

- Colored Concrete

- Exposed Aggregate

    - Tooled-In or Saw-cut Control Joints (to make decorative patterns like tile, etc.)

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Spokane, WA: 509.466.8410
Newport, WA: 509.671.0627
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